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Black Friday

Today Norm and I did something we have never done before...

We got up at 4:00 am and went shopping!  I didn't think there would be so many people there at that time willing to forgo sleep for a bargain.  It's probably not the kind of thing you would do with small children.  Our first stop was Kohl's.  We arrived there at 4:45 and the parking lot was packed with cars.  Kohl's had a lot of great deals and we had a 15% off coupon plus they were giving you gift certificates if you sent over a certain amount.  The highlights of Kohl's were a dress coat and a sport coat for Norm and two additions to my Christmas village.  I started a Christmas village this year of cute little light up houses and scenes.  I got a pet store and a bed and breakfast.  We got great deals and with the coupon and gift certificates ended up saving an additional $100 which is always nice. 

The lines at Kohl's were insane.  They wrapped around the whole store all the way to the back.  Norm and I took turns shopping while the other waited in line.  We had planned to get to Target by 6am when they opened so we could pick up a 37 inch flat panel TV for our bedroom.  It became obvious that the Kohl's line was going to take forever so at 5:30 I told Norm to drive to Target and get the TV.  This seemed like a really good plan except for the fact that my cell phone was dead and Norm could not call me to tell me what was going on at Target.  So I said I would just wait outside Kohl's for him, however long it took.  Exit Norm.  I remained in the line.  Around 6:15 I finished paying for my purchases and wondered if Norm had gotten the TV.  Even people in the Kohl's line talking about the TV at Target and what a good deal it was.  Luckily Norm's shoving hand was working.  As I  was heading for the door, Norm's car pulled right up!  He arrived just as I finished.  We could not believe our luck.  Norm said there was a line going around the outside of the Target store when he got there and people were talking about getting the TV.  He was pleased to find that Target employees set the TV's out on carts so people could just take them.  Norm ran, got a TV and was the first on line to pay! 

Armed with our goodies we headed to Radio Shack where I needed to get a replacement for my Sirius radio.  I have not had great luck with my Sirius radios as I have been through 2 in as many years.  Last time we bought one we purchased a one year protection plan since we knew it would not make it though the year.  Sure enough it broke before a year had passed.  We sent it back and got a gift card for a new one.  We were pleased to see that they changed the design of it and the part that gave me so many problems is gone.  Just to be safe we got a new protection plan.  We also got an 11 inch digital frame for my mom.  She can't use a computer but loves photos of Norm and I so we thought we'd get her the frame and send her memory cards with our pics.  We made sure to pick up some memory cards at the mall. 

Next we headed to AC Moore, a craft store, to get some Christmas decorations.  We got these great 4 foot lit trees in pots to put on either side of our front door.  We had looked at them in another store and decided that $80 was too much to spend.  AC Moore had them on sale for $34.  We couldn't believe it.  Finally we went to Staples where Norm purchased a hard drive.  We will send this to our videographer to get our high definition video files. 

Beside the bargains we got on everything, we were home before 9 am.

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